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Covid-19 Update




We know from research that early intervention is the best in prevention and treatment of these communication difficulties as the critical period for speech and language acquisition is between

0 and 5 years. Direct face-to-face access to a speech therapist is not always possible especially during this time of COVID 19 outbreak. There is no need however not delay assessment and treatment of speech and language difficulties with our Teletherapy service.


What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the online delivery of speech and language therapy services via live video conferencing. Teletherapy sessions are very similar to traditional speech and language therapy. We meet you and your child during live video conferencing instead of being in the same room. We interact with each other in real time using a secure connection where we can see and hear each other and therapy materials. It is the same as using SKYPE or Face Time. Therapy is the same as it would be during face-to-face sessions except it is done with a computer. We use our extensive experience of traditional therapy and enhance this through specialist software and tools.


Why is Teletherapy needed?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a barrier to access direct face-to-face therapy. We are in hope that this situation will improve and at present we are abiding the government advice of social distancing. Delay in access to the necessary speech and language therapy can have have potential detrimental effect on a child’s speech and language development. Teletherapy is the perfect solution that offers the ability to overcome this barrier to access for all.


Benefits of teletherapy to children and families include:

  • Engagement: Teletherapy is child-friendly due to fun and engaging technology used. For younger children sessions can be done on a indirect basis by following the speech and language therapist’s instructions during play activities agreed on prior to the session.

  • Relaxed: Therapy can be done in a familiar environment rather than clinic based. For shy and more reserved children, teletherapy is less intimidating the traditional face-to-face therapy.

  • Parental Monitoring: For older children, parents can log in remotely to observe therapy in action and learn techniques and strategies to practice between sessions.


Effectiveness of Teletherapy

Some people are of the belief that teletherapy is inferior in quality to traditional face-to-face therapy. Firstly Analou is a RCSLT and HCPC certified therapist who practice evidence based speech and language therapy. Secondly, teletherapy has been used worldwide since the 1990’s. Its effectivess has been extensively researched. The Mayo clinic stated in 1997 in a landmark paper “Telemedicine (teletherapy) evaluations can be reliable, beneficial, and acceptable to patients with a variety of acquired speech and language disorders, both in rural settings and within large multidisciplinary medical settings.”



Teletherapy is provided through a secure platform, which is GDPR compliant.


Medical insurance cover:

In the light of the COVID 19 crisis most medical insurance companies cover telemedicine. Please check directly with your insurance company.

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