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About Us

Analou Sugar

Analou Sugar is a certified Speech-Language Therapist (also known as speech therapist or speech pathologist) specialised in the field of paediatric feeding and communication difficulties.  She provides life improving treatment to children with a range of communication difficulties to enhance their ability to communicate and access the curriculum. Analou also supports children’s eating and drinking skills to meet their nutritional requirements to reach their maximum potential in a safe manner.



Hayley Kemp

Hayley is a certified Speech-Language Therapist with the Royal College of Speech-Language Therapists. She has 14 years’ experience in working with children aged 18 months through to secondary school age within home and clinic-based services, mainstream and special education schools, in New Zealand, Australia and currently in the UK. During the week, she works at a London-based school for students with moderate learning difficulties.

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