About Me 

Analou Sugar

Analou Sugar is a speech and language therapist (also known as speech therapist or speech pathologist) specialised in the field of paediatric feeding and communication difficulties.  She provides life improving treatment to children with a range of communication difficulties to enhance their ability to communicate and access the curriculum. Analou also supports children’s eating and drinking skills to meet their nutritional requirements to reach their maximum potential in a safe manner.


Analou trained in South Africa at the University of Stellenbosch where she qualified as a speech pathologist and audiologist (B. Speech Pathology and Audiology) in 1997.  She obtained her Master’s degree in Speech Pathology

(MSc Speech Pathology) at the University of Cape Town in 2001 and is currently working towards her PhD at Imperial College London.

More about Analou

Since moving to the UK in 2000, Analou worked in various paediatric communities and acute NHS hospital settings throughout London. She currently works at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on a part-time basis as the clinical lead for paediatric feeding difficulties. Analou has published research papers and presented at conferences in the UK and Europe on the topic of paediatric feeding and swallowing difficulties.

She is a member of the medical advisory board of the UK national charity for children with gastroesophageal reflux ( www.livingwithreflux.org ) and serves on both National and European guideline committees.

Analou set up her private practice 2003 which offers therapy in various locations across London. She works closely with general paediatricians, paediatric gastroenterogists, paediatric surgeons, paediatric allergists, paediatric psychiatrist, developmental paediatricians, paediatric dieticians, paediatric physiotherapist, paediatric occupational therapist and teachers to provide  comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment and treatment of communication and feeding difficulties.  Should clients require more specialised assessment and management beyond her area of expertise, she has a network of speech and language associates she can access to ensure all clients continue to receive excellent and seamless care.

Together with APA Animation, Ananlou has developed a range of products including DVDs and flashcards aimed at language stimulation in pre-school children (sookieandfinn.co.uk). She also personally assesses and treats all her clients.

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