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We provide paediatric speech,

language and feeding therapy,

online  or in person.

Welcome to Analou Sugar,

Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist


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COVID-19 Teletheraphy as a solution

COVID-19 Teletheraphy as a solution

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Analou Sugar

Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Welcome to Analou Sugar Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy. I am a London based speech and language therapist,  providing private therapy to children with a range of feeding and speech and language difficulties. In my practice I treat children ranging from 0 – 18 years. The service involves expert assessment and treatment of eating and communication difficulties.

Parents are equipped with strategies and skills to supplement and support our treatment in order to optimise progress. Children receive individual therapy tailored for their individual needs. Therapy can be direct, indirect (in the form of home programmes), via Teletherapy or a combination of these.

About Analou

Analou is a speech and language therapist (also known as speech therapist or speech pathologist) specialising in the field of paediatric feeding and communication difficulties. 

She is a member of the medical advisory board of the UK national charity for children with gastroesophageal reflux

( ) and serves on both National and European guideline committees.

What to Expect 

Speech & Language Assessment & Therapy

Assessment & Treatment of Eating & Drinking Difficulties (Dysphagia)





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